Keeping Cool with Blinds and Shades

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When the weather gets hot in Illinois, it’s time to save money on your utility bill with blinds and shades for your home. There are many benefits of installing blinds and shades, including durability, style and affordability.


Help your air conditioning unit run smoothly through the application of window treatments. Having an interior shade in your home helps reduce the interior temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.


Blinds made by the top window treatment manufacturers, such as Hunter Douglas, Castec, Horizon Shades, and Alustra, are known to stand up to the roughest treatment. Many brands are specially coated to reduce dust build-up, thus giving you more time for other important things.


Stylishly cool your home’s interior with blinds and shades. With dozens of colors, textures and finishes available, it’s so easy to complement your existing decor and furniture. The classic style of wood blinds offer beautiful elegance and a lifetime of smooth operation. Woven shades evoke natural beauty and help with light control and privacy.


Getting affordable blinds and shades are easy with a free estimate by a professional that will come to your home and recommend the proper window treatment that will fit your needs and tastes. Offering full warranties for all of our products ensures that you will be a happy customer!


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5 Benefits of Interior Shades for Your Home

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Perhaps, you are considering getting rid of your home’s curtains. Installing interior shades can be a great option for many reasons. Interior shades give homeowners control of the interior of their home. They also increase comfort of the home. Here are the top five benefits of having interior shades in your home.

Protection from UV rays

Interior shades stop up to 99% of ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering your home. Natural sunlight produces UV rays, which are invisible to the naked eye, and can be dangerous in large doses.

Protection from light glare

Homes with large windows receive an enormous amount of natural sunlight, which often creates a glare. In certain rooms, such as the office or living room, excess light is bad for working on or watching dark screens. Interior shades filters the light for the ultimate viewing experience.

Help keep interiors beautiful

Natural sun light can be bad for your most precious decor items. With time, beautiful hardwood flooring, carpets and even furniture can fade from longtime exposure to the sun. Interior shades are valuable because they reduce the amount of sunlight, protecting your furniture, flooring and carpets from fading.

Help save money on energy bill

Interior shades can greatly reduce home electric costs. Having an interior shade in your home helps reduce the interior temperature by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Added privacy

Homes situated in high visual areas, such as in a city’s downtown, or in close proximity to neighbors tend to lack privacy from peering eyes. The inside of some rooms should not be visible to outsiders, such as bedrooms or bathrooms. Interior shades can be placed over any window, to add privacy and security to your state of mind.

If you are considering shades, blinds or shutters for your home in the McHenry, IL-area, look no further! At Nu-View Custom Window Treatments, we have a large variety of products that will increase the comfort of your home. Contact us today at  1-800-244-6981!


Benefits of Solar Shades

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Nu-View Window Treatments, Inc. knows the value of solar shades and advises installing them prior to the cold weather. Many people associate solar shades with the warm weather. However there are many benefits to their use in the colder winter months too. There is a definite benefit to keeping the cold out as well as the warmth in with your solar shades.

Some people think they will get more benefits from passive solar heating with the solar shades off in the wintertime. However, there are less daytime hours in the winter season, it is also usually more overcast, limiting your chances of passive solar heating. Solar shades also create somewhat of a barrier, keeping the cold winter winds off your glass, similar to a storm window, therefore, keeping the temperature of the glass warmer. The warmer you keep the glass, the less convection heat you need to pay to pump through your house will be attracted to the glass areas, thus conserving energy.

Solar shades offer many benefits that can help you save time, money and energy. Solar shades are a type of window treatment that protects the inside of the building. The sunlight’s rays are reflected instead of penetrating through the window, and the solar screens also actively absorb heat from the outside. They can reduce energy costs by 15%. They can reduce glare to improve productivity and comfort. They provide increased privacy while allowing light to pass through. They are offered in select styles with 100% recyclable, biodegradable materials that can have a 20-year life span, generating long-term savings

Nu-View Window Treatments, Inc. has been providing awnings and outdoor systems for 30 years. They serve both residential and commercial customers. Personal, customized, in home service is available in Chicago Metro & Northern Illinois, Milwaukee Metro & all of Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Their goal is to help their customers keep their home or business energy efficient. Apple Annie Awnings, an increasingly popular home improvement option, provide style, shade, curb appeal and an even greater benefit – reduced energy costs.

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